Since the founding of the company, Cardinal has implemented a strict policy to maintain a safe working environment for both its employees and its customers.
Cardinal Contracting’s safety training programs, a mandatory company wide drug testing policy, and a Safety Director that puts safety first, are ways Cardinal works to ensure an accident-free work environment. This unwavering emphasis on safety is reflected in the following:
  • No lost work days from 2007 to 2014!
  • Current EMR:
    • .76

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"Cardinal had a no-nonsense, let's-get-it-done attitude that contributed largely to our success. They were flexible, kept costs under control, and stuck with the schedule. Cardinal anticipated our needs well in advance, and their equipment and people performed superbly. They're a true partner."

--Shannon McDowell, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, International/Navistar

Shannon McDowell, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, International/Navistar